Ethical Principals in Catholic Healthcare

"Morality is not a system of rules but rather rules in a system of ends." - Russell Hittinger

Most modern bioethicists don’t bother to talk about the ends or purposes of the ethical systems they support.  The assumption is that everyone will accept tolerance, choice, equity as the givens of the modern society but the whole society is suffering because these principles are not noble enough to satisfy ones soul.  Even in church this reduced framework is dominant with the emphasis on what we do not on the one we serve.  It is as though we have forgotten that Our Lord said he came that we might know God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent. Everyone who is a Christian has this knowledge to some degree but we rarely think about it or try to witness about it; if we did the world would be evangelized very swiftly. This knowledge is not to be confused with information. It is personal knowledge – I know whom I have believed.