With a history that spans three continents, and over 50 years experience in the medical community John speaks to Christian and secular groups around the world, communicating effectively on medical ethics, culture, public policy, and the integration of faith and science.


Suggested Books: Personal Favourites

The following are books in alphabetical order that we have read and enjoyed as opposed to books one is supposed to have read and enjoyed. Some of these books would be better introduced with warning labels than endorsements. It is important to know your opponent.

Euthanasia: Principles and Observations from a Christian Perspective

Although euthanasia is commonly understood to be the epitome of mercy and the logical extension of “death with dignity”, the legalization of euthanasia should be expected to lead to forms of killing which have no necessary connection with either mercy or dignity.

Hippocrates and Medicine in the Third Millenium

For most people Hippocrates is a shadowy figure somehow connected to the ethical practice of medicine; they feel vaguely comforted by the supposed fact that doctors take a Hippocratic Oath of practice upon graduation.