About John Patrick

John Patrick studied medicine at Kings College, London and St. George’s Hospital, London in UK. John has held appointments in Britain, the West Indies and Canada. John’s main academic interest in medicine is the treatment of Protein Energy Malnutrition in various diseases and accident trauma throughout the world. His research has been carried out in UK, Jamaica, Canada and Africa. In the 1970s he worked at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and was involved in the breakthrough of PEM treatment whilst in Jamaica. He came to Canada in 1980. At the University of Ottawa John was Associate Professor in Clinical Nutrition in the Department of Biochemistry and Pediatrics for 20 years. He is concerned to understand the link between the treatment of the severely malnourished, their beliefs, and their culture.

Today John speaks to Christian and secular groups around the world, communicating effectively on medical ethics, culture, public policy, and the integration of faith and science. He frequently speaks for the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) in the US and the Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS) in Canada. He is currently President and Professor of the History of Science, Medicine and Faith at Augustine College.


John and his wife Sally manage the Hippocratic Registry of Physicians whose focus is the practice of medicine as a moral activity requiring authority beyond themselves, an absolute commitment to the sanctity of life, and freedom of conscience for physicians. John and Sally have four grown children and 21 grandchildren. Their oldest daughter and family are missionaries in Malawi, Southern Africa. Their other children are all based in Ottawa; all attend different denominational churches and are all active in their church.


Affiliated Organizations

Augustine College

Dr. Patrick is president of Augustine College, a liberal arts college teaching the History of Ideas, where he teaches the History of Science, Medicine and Faith. In June each year he leads the Augustine College Summer Conference on The Roots of Modern Medicine with other professors from Augustine College and visiting professors. Medical professionals, students, residents and others who attend often comment on the need to supplement their education in the liberal arts.

The Summer Conference this year takes place at the Laurentian Leadership Centre from June 11th to 17th 2017 and focuses on the 19th Century: Darwin, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche and more. Lectures and discussion will include 19th century science and medicine, the political environment that de Toqueville describes in Democracy in America, 19th century missions, the literature of Dostoevsky in Notes from Underground and of George Eliot in Middlemarch, the philosophy of Nietzsche, 19th Century art, and 19th Century music. Fr. Doug Hayman opens each morning with bible reflections and at the end of the week John leads a session on medical ethics which will highlight euthanasia and physician conscience rights this year. To register, please see augustinecollege.org or contact John and Sally Patrick.

Registry of Hippocratic Physicians

John and Sally Patrick run the Registry of Hippocratic Physicians, the objective of which is to provide a link with practitioners who practice or are preparing to practice Hippocratic medicine, bringing together practitioners who have an ethical consensus.