Hippocrates and Medicine in the Third Millenium

For most people Hippocrates is a shadowy figure somehow connected to the ethical practice of medicine; they feel vaguely comforted by the supposed fact that doctors take a Hippocratic Oath of practice upon graduation. The truth is that very few take the Oath of Hippocrates; some take a revisionist version, which retains the name [...]


The Myth of Moral Neutrality

You must not impose your views on your patients. Of course not, we all agree. So you must practice medicine from a non-judgmental, morally neutral stance. Now here is a wild extrapolation. Judgement is at the heart of medicine and it is increasingly a moral judgement that is required when we say that certain [...]


The Erosion of Tolerance

Human societies need the general acceptance of the rule of law if they are to function, and that acceptance has to be deeply rooted if they are to flourish. The law easily defines what we will not tolerate. (With more difficulty, it can also define some more positive commitments.) When these intolerances become second nature, [...]


Remember to Remember: The Modern Implications of Abortion

Remember to remember is a recurrent divine command. God wants us to remember the past in order to celebrate the good and learn to avoid evil. Equally recurrently, the children of Israel forgot to remember and the consequences were usually severe, including exile and slavery. Even with the Israelites serving as a warning, we have [...]


We Are All Religious

We are all religious. We all have faith commitments whether we are Jews, Christians, Muslims or Secularists to take only the dominant approaches in the western world. The first three have significantly different beliefs about a transcendent God and the fourth a belief that we can run society as though there is no God. None [...]

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