Suggested Books: Personal Favourites

The following are books in alphabetical order that we have read and enjoyed as opposed to books one is supposed to have read and enjoyed. Some of these books would be better introduced with warning labels than endorsements. It is important to know your opponent. Download this Book List The Bible: there is no substitute [...]


Recommended Articles

Recommended Articles Barr, Stephen M., Retelling the Story of Science Benedict XVI, University of Regensburg, Three Stages in the Program of De-Hellenization, Sept. 2006 Benedict XVI’s Planned Lecture at La Sapienza, The Truth Makes Us Good & Goodness Is True, Jan 2008 Berlinski, David, The Deniable Darwin, 1996 Budziszewski, J., Handling Issues of Conscience, The [...]


Meaning, Metaphor and Allusion

Christian Imagination in a Visual Culture Test your imagination. Do these passages call to mind their Biblical context for you? Standing amid the alien corn Eyeless in Gaza The Prodigal Son Who knew not Joseph Bricks without straw A prophet is not without honour Through a glass darkly The Good Samaritan He fell among thieves [...]

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